John 4:1-42

Heart that cares (encounter with God – Ezekiel 9:3-4; John 3:17)

Observation (in your path) Matt. 9:35-38; John 4:6-10

Entrance (conversation) – take interest, listen - Luke 6:43-45

Influence – don’t preach; share what Jesus has done in your life; share Kingdom principals - Matt. 4:19 (learned, not gift)

Consistency (watering) – words, attitude, actions - I Cor. 3:6-8 – one plants, one waters, God gives the increase.

Help step out – help person understand - Romans 10:9-13

Start walk – provide resources & fellowship – Matt. 28:19 – make disciples

A Word from Pastor Berry

Vision is not seeing things as they are, but having the heart of God to see things/people through His eyes. We as believers have been “commissioned” to extend His Kingdom through making disciples by first declaring to the world the priceless redemptive work of Christ. We must be motivated and fueled by love to reach others. Remember the Kingdom of God is all about three relationships: 1) love for God; 2) love for others; and 3) love for yourself. We must be intentional in building relational bridges with people God has set around us. Write on a card (impact list) people God has placed on your heart, (open) your eyes they are right in front of you. Use this relationship bridge to help you in a practical way to reach others.

Three fundamental things must be understood to be Disciples of Christ:

1) Commissioning, heaven has given you all resources needed to reach others.

2) Motivation must be love; are there tears in your eyes for the lost?

3) Intentionality is essential in building relational bridge through words, attitudes and actions bathed in prayer.


Pastor Berry Carter 

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