Dear Family, Friends of City Bible Church…                                             

What do I have on my heart to share with you for the coming year in thanks for your gifts to City Bible Church?  It sounds like this…

 “This Year - 2017:  The Time for Crossing Over…”

Have you ever felt like the times of waiting in your life would never come to an end?   You see… within every one of us is an eternal purpose and timing in what God has designed for us to be and to do.   All of us have seen ourselves doing and accomplishing things in the future - … which I call “seeing your face in the future”.   We were not born to be ordinary, but to achieve the extraordinary through Him!   What kind of person does extraordinary things you might ask?  One of those is also one of my favorite people in the Bible.  His name was Caleb. His life exemplifies a life of trust and a tenacity until he received the promise…  Listen to God’s assessment of this man’s character…. 

“My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed me fully, I will bring into the land where he scouted, and his descendants shall inherit it.”   Numbers 14:24

Caleb was a man who believed God in spite of those who doubted and were unwilling to get out of their comfort zone. When the time came, Caleb was still believing and practicing his faith, walking in patience, and persevering in what he was called to do!  Those who missed the promise had allowed doubt, weariness, and negative assessment to disqualify them from entering in. Caleb had waited 40 years for the promise to be fulfilled and now the promise was manifested before his eyes.

I believe that this is our year at City Bible Church to see the manifestation of the promise!  Transforming the City and Beyond…   The manifestation of the Promise will only be acquired as we move as “One Church” - listening and obeying His word to us in bringing His Kingdom to our city of Massillon, to Stark County, and beyond…      

I thank each of you for your faithfulness in the giving of your time, talent and tithe so that we could continue to work together to build His Kingdom…   Prepare to crossover into your promise!   

For those friends and family who have sowed finances into the ministry of City Bible Church but do not attend here -  may you also be personally encouraged to get out of your comfort zones and expect to see the manifestation of His promise this year as you look to achieve the extraordinary – through Him!

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